Saturday, March 7, 2009

Musn't Grumble

It has been a busy week for the public companies. Centaur Media saw its' share price fall to a new low of 17p and the directors actively buying shares presumably to make it tougher for unwelcome predators to scoop up the company. UBM produced results which prove that having just 10% of the business in print is good thing which could only be bettered by having less than 10% of the business in print. Most interestingly United Business Media claimed that rebooks on next years shows are up 5%. That is not only surprising, but also encouraging. Of course a rebook is not necessarily the same thing as contract to attend, but with so little good news around this certainly put a smile on my face.

Since we last spoke Reed Elsevier posted its results too and with most of its business in online subscriptions they were good. Also announced was a £120m reorganisation of RBI. This has to mean job cuts, but as far as I am aware no news yet of a 90 day consultation in the UK (a legal requirement if 100 job cuts are proposed).

Wilmington also produced respectable results and claimed they were looking for acquisition targets.

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