Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sly Weller in Identity Confusion

Who said this,

“Stabilise. Revitalise. Grow”,

Here's a clue. It was said in 2003 by a leading media executive.

Now, next question. Who said this,

"Stabilise. Revitalise. Grow". It was said by a leading media executive in 2009.

Thats one mystery solved. Sly Bailey is Tim Weller in drag. Or possibly the other way around.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Government Launches Job Board for Teachers

The Government has launched a web site for schools to use when recruiting. Local newspaper editors are already bleating about the damage this may do to their business. But the biggest benficiary of schools recruitment is TES whose business is almost wholly reliant on this revenue stream.

I am sure there is no conspiracy here, but Bernard Gray, the TES CEO is hardly the most popular man with the incumbent Government having written a scathing report on the state of defence procurement.

Emap was brutally damaged when healthcare recruitment was hijacked by the Government several years ago. The TES is about to experience the same horrors.

Sherren Steps Down

Thanks to a reader for noting that Centaur has announced the retirement of Graham Sherren as Chairman of Centaur. He will stay on as a non executive for 12 months. Will this lead to a change in approach and strategy?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Centaur in Play as CIG bid

CIG, the vehicle supposedly created to buy subs based b2b assets which has Peter Balzegette (of Big Brother fame) on its board, has made an offer for Centaur. No surprise that the board has rejected the approach. The share price rose some 15% today. If the offer gets to 60p the shareholders should snap at it - but the board won't want to do a deal as the management is likely to be a casualty in any deal methinks.