Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gossip from RBI and More Death Notices for B2B Publising

For those interested in the musings, occasional paranoia and insider insights into what its like at RBI right now, this blog, written rather bravely I should have thought, by a UK employee covers all the bases.

One of his posts considers whether Reed missed an opportunity in online advertising. With all their resources why did they need to do a deal with 24/7 in an ad network? Why couldn't RBI have been the inventor of double click. It was forgiveable to miss the search phenomenon as thats not Reeds core business, but the blogger argues, advertsing is.

Keep an eye on this blog if only because its an insider with a brain thinking about what might happen.

He does raise the killer question of course. If a company with the resources and brains of Reed don't think there is any future in b2b publishing, what hope is there for the rest of them.

Paul Conley lists the recent "slew of bad news" coming out of the US business media houses and his analysis is about as gloomy as it gets. The only gloomier outlook is the one we will have in six months time when the economy is in a worse state, business media profits have shrunk further and still no one has worked out what the future might be.

Too many pubilshers are analysing trends and trying to work out where the market is going and then dreaming up some ways of how to follow it. I'll tell you something guys - the future is twhat you determine it to be. In short innovation not replication.

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