Monday, March 23, 2009

DMGT Propped Up by B2B

DMGT is seeing a pretty horrid melt down in regional newspaper revenues but claims the B2B division is holding up well. In part this is another company with a big trade show exposure (Like United Business Media) which is holding up better than companies with a bigger print exposure. But even B2B, if we decode the update from management, is having a tough time.

The announcement claims that B2B revenue is up 15% in the first five months of the year is caveated by a note that this is mianly due to exchange rate movements. In the five months at issue the dollar sterling exchange rate has moved 24%. My guess is that in real terms, b2b revenues are down.

Whilst B2B is holding up better than regional newspapers for now, let's just hope that what is happening in local papers is not a vision of the b2b future to come.
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