Friday, January 30, 2009

Findlay Publishing in Administration

Update: Bob Findlay Chairman has purchased the trade and assets of the business and rebirthed as Findlay Media. Business as usual apparently.

Perhaps the first Oh My God moment of the year, Findlay Publications has gone into administration. Findlay has been the doyen of manufacturing and engineering publishing for more than thirty years. It led the way in the UK with sophisiticated controlled circulation publishing. Founder, Bob, retired just a couple of years ago keeping his ownership of stately Franks Hall which used to be the main office.

Moles tell me that the business will or is likely to emerge from administration in some form. Any news gratefully received either in comment or by email at

Is this a failure of innovation, the demise of manufacturing, lack of investment in people and new digital products, or just rotten bad luck?


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