Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nielsen Sacks US Staff.

I haven't forgotten you. Its just been a busy week. So this post by way of a reminder that business media is still here. Isn't English odd? At least when used by Media Communications Directors, and certainly when they are American, and especially when obvious bad news is being dressed up as positive when it plainly isn't. Read this from Media Comms Director of Nielsen,

The statement from the company's media communications director Marisa Grimes:
"Nielsen Business Media is transforming our organization to better position ourselves to compete in a global, digital economy. Looking at the continually changing business landscape and current economic climate, and considering the requirements we've established for ourselves, it's clear we have to be as efficient as possible. As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline our business, we made the decision to eliminate some positions within the company. The resulting cost efficiencies will allow us to reinvest savings in other parts of the business, such as improved technology and software, that will further drive growth."

As they say in chat rooms, LOL.

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