Monday, March 3, 2008

UBM is an Exhibitions Company Shock

While on the subject of UBM we should note their interim results. I'll translate. 70% of profits come from events. UBM is an events company then - not a publishing company. £20m of profit was eliminated beacuse fo the weak dollar - UBM are very exposed to this. Publishing continues to decline and not to much mention is made of electronic and digital profits to come.

UBM enjoys a rating as a business media player. In truth it is an exhibition organiser with a bit of pubishing going on.

Will the UK CMPi business survive? I'll bet that som thought is going into a review of its future. With focussed CEO action on CMP in the USA (see report below) and almost all the profit coming from shows and conferences, I doubt that the magazine and publishing business will stay long in UBMs ownership

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