Thursday, September 7, 2006

Nursing Times Fights Back in Recruitment

Saving job advertising is on the "to do" list of every business publisher. The growth of general job boards and the migration of readership and therefore response to the web has really hurt.

Nursing Times has been hurt more than most. It's answer is to allow recruitment advertisers to place ads along side editoiral on their web pages. They argue that many suitable candidates will not be active job seekers and therfore have to be tempted into replying to an ad. In professional markets that is a spot on analysis. Many of the best candidates will never sign up to a job board. It is not clear from the story, but I hope Nursing Times is charging a big premium for this service to advertisers. It is the equivalent of allowing job ads in the run of paper in a magazine.

If we can give advertisers a way of exercising creativity in their advertising too this could be the nascent beginning of vertical publishers fighting back in the recruitment world. Having said that I can't see any evidence of this new service by looking at the site. I'll keep an eye on it.

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