Monday, August 14, 2006

Well Hung Meat

I had missed this little deal. Charles Reed, the patriarchal leader of his familys William Reed seems determined to buy everything he can that is food and drink related. (Although you may recall he lost out on the sale of The Publican last year which was arguably the one deal he should have made sure he won).

He has just bought the Meat titles and shows from Graham Yandell. Not much profit here and not much value either I would guess. William Reed already owns the Meat Trades Journal which it acquired last year and runs the Foodex/Meatex show. I don't see a queue of media owners rushing to enter the meat sector. Which strategy and development departments are siiting around thinking up ways to win over more butchers to their reader databases?

William Reeds acquisition strategy needs to be cleverer than just buying stuff becasue it is about food and drink otherwise each successive deal will dilute the earnings from their basket of leading products.

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